A summoning of bone and fire

“Don’t be a wuss!” Mary spat towards Chloe, her eyes shooting daggers at the young mage.

“I’m not a wuss!” Chloe said, refusing her friend’s mean statement.

“Prove it then and do it!”

“Fine!” She screamed, her magic a soaring flame around her.

Red and orange blended into the air to create crackling sparks. They flickered in the dark room, licking the pair’s skin. Chloe began to sweat, tiny droplets falling into the heat with a sizzle.

“What have you done?” Mary asked, her face morphing into an expression of horror.

Furious, Chloe screamed, “what you told me to!”

The pair heard a cackling laugh, looking up, they stared at the figure. He was a mix of bone and fire, flames sat where his eyes should have been.

“WHO DARED TO SUMMON ME!” He bellowed, his tone causing them to shriek.



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