The lord of the house

“He’s coming!” Sal bellowed, running into the living room. She stared at her sister, both sharing a look of fear.

“He followed you Sal!” Chloe screamed, jumping up, onto the sofa.

“It followed me, IT!”

“Well hello, ladies,” it whispered, smoothly entering the room.

“Hell no,” Sal shouted, joining her sister on the sofa. They hugged, falling in a clump.

“Are you having a sofa party? Well, don’t mind if I do!” Lord Snuggle said, jumping up onto the cushions. He moved towards the girls, his claws pinching their defenceless skin.

“Why did you want a cat?” Chloe asked Sal, Lord Snuggle curled in her lap after destroying her legs.

“I thought they were cute…”



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