A puppy’s last breath

“I just can’t do it…” Ariel whispered, squealing in distress.

“You have to,” Dina replied sternly.

“You do it!” Ariel screamed at her friend.

“He isn’t on MY list, he is on yours,” she replied. Ariel made a noise, her white wings fluttering in annoyance.

“But look at his little tail! Look at the tail!” Ariel bellowed.  The two angels watched as the fluffy dog smiled up at them, his golden fur glistening in the afternoon light.

“Fine, don’t kill him… it’s not like it’s our job or anything.”

“I can’t do it, you can live another day little one,” Ariel whispered, breathing breath into the dog. Yes, he was meant for heaven… but it couldn’t hurt anyone to give him a few more years… could it?



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