A tea party for ghosts

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” Sally said, her tiny pigtails swinging as she spoke.

“No?” Harry asked, sipping his teacup full of air.

“No, they make no sense,” Sally stated, filling up her own cup with imaginary tea from her bright pink, teapot.

“They don’t indeed, and they seem a little spooky.”

“Doubt they are scary, nothing scares me.” Sally declared, ending with a large and over exaggerated gulp from her empty cup. Harry nodded, smiling at her words.

“Of course, nothing scares you. After all, you’re the scariest thing out there -”

“How dare you!” She threw her cup at him, the pink projectile going straight through his ghostly body before landing with a thud behind them both.

“Now now, your mum will get angry if you throw your new tea set around,” he muttered, picking up the cup at placing it in front of the huffing Sally.

“Am I really scary?” She asked.

“Only when you’re in a bad mood,” he said, winking at her. A knock at the door broke their conversation, both gasping at the noise. Harry disappeared, waving happily goodbye to his friend.


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