An interview​ with the devil

Devil: So what interests you?

Soul: What do you mean?

Devil: What do you do in your spare time…

Soul: Well at the moment I spend all my free time waiting to go for you to decide if I go to heaven or hell. It’s taking a rather long while…

The Devil sighs placing his hands on his head.

Devil: I mean before you died.

Soul: I didn’t have any free time, spent every moment either with my kids or at work.

Devil: Let me try another approach.

Soul: Thank goodness as this doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere.

The Devil sighs again, sinking further into a hunched position.

Devil: Did you do any bad deeds in your life?

Soul: Well, that is a rather big and unanswerable question.

Devil: How?

Soul: Who knows what classes as a bad deed, after all, what is bad? Isn’t it dependent on a person’s own morals and knowledge, so what they think is bad and good may be completely different to someone else…

Devil: Just go to heaven I can’t take this anymore.





One thought on “An interview​ with the devil

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  1. Interesting interpretation, Sarah! It would be an interesting world if it was the Devil who judged the souls before passing into the next realm (if that’s your belief, anyway). Though I can see how anyone could shoo someone away after making that point. A brilliant point you have made.

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