The benefits​ of a duvet fort

Are you one of those people that wake up at seven am excited to take on the world? Going for a brisk jog in the morning chill ready to sit down to a bowl of freshly cut fruit with non-fat yoghurt? I’m not… so here is a list of why being nestled in a cocoon of duvet greatness is good for you.

  1. It is warm.
  2. You’re safe, how can work or studying bother you when you’re stuck in a ball of softness.
  3. The outside world has never done anything for you. Your bed, however, has seen you through thick and thin, it’s been the best friend you could ever ask for. Do you really want to lose that?
  4. Have I mentioned how warm it is?
  5. I’m sure there are health benefits…  somewhere… if you just dig beneath all the cushions and blankets…
  6. Sleep is good for you.





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