Mother vs mother, a ​battle for the tart!

They didn’t realise what today would bring, perhaps, if they had, they would have chosen to stay in bed rather than battling the morning chill. Both parties had decided to go for a last minute Sunday shop. One mother was missing her favourite garlic stuffing, whilst the other had run out of Yorkshire puddings, both of which were essential components to any good Sunday roast. Children in tow, they passed the weekend shoppers, making their way into the store and beginning to peruse the shelves. Treating themselves, they entered the bakery section. Both paused, spotting a glowing red pie that seemed to sing of sweet goodness.

“It is mine!” One started, pushing her seven-year-old boy out of the way as she made a mad dash for the treat.

“You wish!” The other replied, launching her teenage girl down the aisle, knowing youth would give her an advantage. Neither party gained the treat, instead, it turned into a mash of strawberries and mushy crust on the floor. Children ended up covered in red goo, clean clothes now were torn and sticky. The mothers eyed each other up, vowing vengeance upon each other.








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