The green of my garden, broken by the haze of the screen

I look up.
My feet lay on the warm stones,
Ants dancing on my skin as they hunt for food.
Puppy begging for attention,
Staring at my nibbles as he calls me rude.
No puppy… none for you.
The path splits in front of me,
One side green the other brown.
Bushes trembling in the summer breeze,
The chiming of the church bells eases in from town.
A butterfly saunters closer.
Clothes carefully sway just out of reach,
Mainly purples shades with just a hint of blue.
I spot a brown creature jumping atop the washing line,
It dances around the pegs and out of view​.
I take a sip of juice.
The heat is becoming painful,
Twitching over my skin it makes me itch.
Reality pauses as sweat drips into my eyes,
My veiws sways… I​ found the glitch.



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