A rebellious​ student

Sally could feel it, the silence in that air crackling with energy. Sally could taste it, the conflict in the room creating a sizzling burn that layered her lips, she licked the chapped corners.

“Sally, you know the rule,” Miss Winston bellowed, her voice scratching at Sally’s raw ears that had already endured countless hours of tedious lessons.

“What?” Sally asked. Miss Winston sighed, the class rustling in admiration for Sally’s rebelling.

“Colouring your hair is not allowed, it’s in the school handbook. ”

“I haven’t coloured my hair?” Sally snippily replied.

“It is bright red.” Miss Winston yelled, cheeks blazing with the same hue that adorned Sally’s locks.

“I think you have gone colour blind with age -”

“GET OUT!” Miss Winston screamed. Sally left, class erupting in cheers as she flicked her long tomato locks over one shoulder.



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