Her lips

He is staring at me, Samy thought, as she watched her blind date gawk at her.

“So, your name is Tom?” She asked, hoping that his creepiness was just some pre-date jitters.

“Ye-yeah,” he stuttered, eyes still transfixed on her lips.

“What do you do?” She asked. He ignored her question, still staring bashfully at her face.

“Sorry what?” He said, blinking.

“Is there something on my face?” Samy finally asked, huffing as his eyes caught her own. He smiled awkwardly, looking once more at her lips. They shimmered, covered in what he believed was goo, the substance dripping off them to slowly trickle down her chin.

“I think your lip gloss has gone a little…” He trailed off. Searching through her purse she found a mirror, pulling it free she opened it up and inhaled loudly.

“Oh no, it must be the heat,” she muttered, cheeks flaming red.




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