Do pj’s class as casual?

A buzzing from my phone.

You coming tonight?

Crap, I cringe in the realisation that I forgot about the meetup. Before I can scramble an excuse my phone beeps again.

You forgot, didn’t you? I’ll give you 20 mins then I’m picking you up.

Double crap. I text back furiously, fingers moving so fast they become a blur.

What you wearing? 

A beep only seconds after the message sends.

Dress in casual.

I look down. I’m wearing an old, oversized shirt that I stole from my brother years ago. To accomapny the worn fabric are a pair of pj bottoms, splattered with mini yellow minions. That counts as casual, right? Sighing, I grab my bag and a pair of sneakers, I’m an adult, I’ll wear pj’s if I want. My phone beeps again.

No pj’s!! 

Triple crap.




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