Wedding gown hunting

She sauntered through the shop, sharp heels eating away at the carpet as her long legs engulfed the room. From one wall to the other was an array of white, fluffy gowns. She groaned, each hanger sporting another floor length disaster of puff.

“What about this one Sophie?” Her mother cooed. Turning, she saw that her mother was fighting with another white catastrophe, the ruffles swallowing the older woman until she resembled a cloud. Sophie sighed, she knew that the dress was beautiful for the right person… unfortunately, she wasn’t that person. Before all hope was lost, however, a pale blue caught her eye, rushing towards the very edge of the space she found her dress. Different hues of blue blended together in a simple, elegant gown.

“This is the one!” She screamed. An attendant rushed forward, the young girl’s eyes moved from the dress to Sophie, then she made a scrunched up face at the brides choice.

“I’m sorry… but that isn’t a wedding dress, it’s for your bridesmaids.”

“Well, I don’t have any bridesmaids so it will be fine,” Sophie said.

“Oh it’s wonderful, let’s try it on,” her mother said, taking the dress from the wall.



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