Brutal seagulls​ at the beach

“Be careful with that,” she whispers, handing the two ice creams over.

“What?” The tourist asks.

“The birds are bad here,” she responds.  The man laughs, mocking the girl’s concern. A few minutes later a yell can be heard, the girl leans over the counter and sighs at the sight. Five seagulls circle the couple, each one swooping down from the sky in a dive for the sweet treat that hangs precariously from the wife’s hand. Within moments the ice creams are taken, an angry husband returning to the girl’s stall.

“The seagull got it!” He says. She knows he is expecting a free ice cream but instead, shakes her head in pity.

“That’s such a shame,” she says, ignoring his stare and continuing to serve her queue of customers.



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