A woman being watched at a bar

Sam felt strange, blushing slightly she took a gulp of her wine, the punch stinging her lungs and waking her up from her dazed state. Someone was watching her, the stare was pinching at her skin, smothering her until she felt sticky. She surveyed the bar, the afternoon crowd had been replaced with a younger generation whose colourful clothing glinted in the dim light. Shots were being passed around like candy, she made a face, remembering the tang of youth with distaste. Still, Sam felt it.

“Refill?” The barman asked. He smiled genuinely at his regular customer, the dimples on his cheeks cheering Sam up slightly.

“Thanks, Jack,” she muttered, mustering up a half smile.

“That guy has been staring at you, want me to kick him out?” Jack asked, concern in his usually gentle voice. Sam spun, meeting the eyes of a man in his mid-thirties across the bar.

“No, thanks but I’ve got this.”  Chloe was angry, but, deciding she may be overreacting she waiting another hour. The feeling was still there, her skin feeling sticky as if she was covered in dirt. That’s it, she thought, fist clenching in anger.

“CAN I HELP YOU!” She screamed, her booming voice shattering the bar into an uncomfortable silence. The man’s eyes widened as the crowd turned to stare at him, his mouth opened and shut a few times before he shook his head and ran from the room.

“This one is on the house,” Jack said, smiling brightly as he handed her another glass of frosted wine.



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