A particularly grumpy cow​

“Don’t do it,” Sam whispered, eyes scanning the field for the cow in question.

“It will be fine, I’m not walking all the way around that’s ridiculous,” Chloe replied. Easing the wooden gate open she stepped into the field, confident smile marking her lips as she turned to her friend.

“Don’t just stand there!” He screamed, fear turning his usually husky voice high and off pitch.

“You’re being such a whiny baby,” she mocked, laughing as she casually walked through the grass.  Looking back at Sam she saw his eyes focus on something behind her, sweat dripping from his chin as his mouth began to open.

“Don’t look behind you and walk back here,” he said, eyes refusing to catch hers. Ignoring his request, she turned back around to meet the gaze of an angry cow. It gave off a loud grunt as a warning, it’s giant form casting a shadow that nearly reached Chloe’s feet.

“It’s huge!” She screamed.

“Run Chloe run!” She didn’t need to be told twice, lifting her feet out of her wellies she ran bare foot back towards her friend.


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