A wedding dress disappearance​

Chloe: Hurry up!

Sal: It’s the ruffles, they are heavier than they look.

Chloe: I don’t care just move it.

Sal: I’m trying!

Chloe: Here, this spot is fine you take this and I’ll dig.

Chloe hands over the giant white wedding dress to Sal, who shrieks with the weight. 

Sal: What if she finds out it was us… she will never speak to me again –

Chloe: How will she find out with no evidence!

Sal: This is all your fault, I told you not to try it on.

Chloe: How was I suppose to the know the lace was that delicate.

Sal: I think that’s deep enough, let’s just cover it and get out of here.





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