Society thrusts their chains onto the unspoilt

You are on a tight rope, do you get it?
I really don’t think you do,
Each cautiously placed step could be your last
You better hope that rope sticks like glue.

The choice was yours, at sixteen,
Youth pulsing through your blood you were asked to choose,
Body not finished growing mind still caged
You were asked a pinnacle question when all you wanted was to hit snooze.

It was done, taken out of your hands,
Teachers throwing down test after test you must pass,
Society thrusting their views on intelligence on an unspoilt mind
Parents praying for you to be top of your class.

You look back, the rope pinching your feet,
Other stand on similar routes their smiles as strained as your own,
Heart pumping you push on further and further
Taught to chase after that throne.

There are other rewards.
There is more than one kind of achievement​.
There can be more than winning.



2 thoughts on “Society thrusts their chains onto the unspoilt

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  1. Absolutely amazing the way you expressed the pressure of expectations that corrupts the youth’s life these days. It’s like something that is stamped upon us, something that potentially can destroy our original self & sometimes life is so hard that we must move forward in a balanced way something like walking on the rope balancing ourselves to ensure that we don’t fall (fail) in anyway. Thanks for blessing readers like me with such a delightful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

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