The mocking words of an exam paper

He walks in, calming breaths easing his nerves. The student follows his friends, stealing glances to see half smiles not quite reaching their eyes as they sit in the meticulous rows. The boy sits, he does not need to fear, he is ready for –

“Well hello there clammy,” a mocking voice said. The boy looks at his hands, indeed, they are sweating.

“Who said that?”

“Down here,” the voice said again. Looking down the boy locks eyes with the blurring exam paper, glaring in disbelief.

“You may start!” Screams a teacher. Exhaling, the boy opens the paper.

“Don’t even bother starting, it’s pointless, I doubt you’ll understand even half of me.” The student gulps, the paper’s words crushing his confidence.

“Leave me alone, I’m ready… I studied.”  The student said, proud of the time he spent collapsed over his revision at his desk.

“Yes, but unfortunately for you, I have decided to mislead you at every turn, each question wrapped in secrets and confusing wording, you might as well give up!”

“Why would you do that…”

“Why not?” The paper shrugs, going silent as the now panicked student begins sweating, drips easing off his face and smudging the ink.


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