Deeply embedded wrinkles

You walk carelessly
Each step a bouncing and heartfelt skip,
That is until a pebble is unearthed
Causing your form to trip.

Adrenaline and youth surging
You decide to push on,
However, muscles start to strain
But you are determined to see the red of the dawn.

A storm of ice and fire hits
Itching at your skin until you fall back,
Feet digging into the earth you begin to move
You now understand that there is a knack.

Another storm and then another and another
Each worse than the one that came before,
Your tired muscles give in finally
Body and soul repeating “no more”.

Sat down you look back at your trail
A winding road of loops bending around the bumpy earth,
Lifting your hands the wrinkles are embedded deeply
Smiling, you gently rest ready for rebirth.



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