Creating a golem (a mage in training, part 12)

After a tedious day of studying and bowing to cocky teachers, Ash wanted nothing more than her bed, however, she had a golem to create.  She couldn’t leave it until the morning as her first lesson was Familiar Creation… and she knew, just knew, she wasn’t going to wake up until the last warning bell sounded. Dragging her fatigued body from the entrance of her quarters, she moved to sit at her desk, fumbling in her leather crafted bag for the clay. As her hands pushed into the cold blob she cringed, a shiver shaking down her body. No, she chided herself, she could and would do this. Using both her hands she began squashing, pushing, and moulding the clay until it became a docile, squidgy mess.

“Ok, here we go,” she began, voice wavering with exhaustion. Reciting the spell her hands moved along the clay, fingers following her words to create a body for the magic. The air became heated, sweat begging to drip down Ash’s face but she refused to give in. After what felt like an eternity it finished, the magic simmering away. Wiping the wet from her eyes she looked at her new familiar, it was about the size of her hand with long hands and a short, stocky frame. The clay had cooked until it became a light brown colour, skin etched with intricate designs. Now… Ash just had to figure out how to make it move.



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