Was my university worth it?

So, after spending three years as a university student I wonder if it was worth it. I spend my first year living in a boiling student flat until I became a heated mess. Then, a spider infected accommodation where every creak of the floorboard sent me flailing into the air. Lastly, a mouldy house that seemed to be falling down with every gust of the wind. After all of these, I really believe I have truly experienced, the student life. Three years of being trapped by myself, whilst blubbering to my parents on a too bright screen in the middle of the night, isolated because of my introverted personality. I wonder… was it really worth it? If we’re not talking about money, then yes, for so many reasons’s I have grown because of this experience. I have become stronger, mentally pushed until I’ve gained hardened skin and a strong, confident personality. However, if we’re talking money… absolutely not. After just having to fork out over a hundred pounds just to rent a graduation gown and two tickets for my parents I seriously wonder where all my money went. For the rest of my life, I will be in around forty thousand pounds in debt and the university couldn’t afford to have their own set of robes for us to wear for one hour? Being immersed in a big city was amazing, as well as being surrounded by people my age loving the same things I do… yet wouldn’t working or being an internship have done that as well? Without the hefty price tag?





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