All hail the baby artist!

“Oh isn’t that amazing,” Sal whispered.

“Do you see the brush strokes? So fine and delicate except for here, right here, you can see that the artist has poured her anger into this one, giant stroke.” Jasper replied, using his hands to gesture at the painting.

“Absolutely marvellous, this artist is a paragon!” Sal screamed, begging to clap her hands.

“Of course, I would expect nothing less!” Jasper replied, joining Sal in clapping. At the sound, the artist appeared, bowing at their applause.

Sal leant into her husband Jasper and whispered, “our baby is going to be a star.” The child then proceeded to fall into the palette of paint, giggling as she stood with giant splodges of colour dripping from her skin. The couple began to hoot, claps louder than before.

“So avant-guard!”  Jasper cried.




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