Hook piercing her skin, a mermaids call

She longed for them, craving company to ease her eternity of loneliness. Their ships always caused a stir, creating vast waves that rocked her perch, chipped wood pinching at her scales. The litter of man embedded in her body. Yet still, she smiled as a new ship came into view. She watched the wooden vessel cut through the tide, the chatter of men echoing across the sea. Smiling, she began to sing.  The ship turned, greedy male eyes zoning in on her form. She lay upon the rock with ease, her pale hair cascading down in waves.

“Get her!” She heard from the vessel. The world seemed to blur as a multitude of sharp stabbing pains surfaced. They had hooked her, three separate metal spikes lodged into her scale and skin. With a shock she realised man did not want to hear her, they wanted to catch her. She sighed, her mind stretched with pain and fear. After a moment she decided that pain and imprisonment were nothing compared to her loneliness, so, she kept singing her heart-wrenching song.

She ignored



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