A class of mocking mages (a mage in training, part 11)

Her limbs killed, a chorus of moans escaping her lips as she dragged her broken body out from the thin blanket. She cursed mornings, calling the sun a hateful creature as she dressed in her mage gear. Ignoring the growl from her belly, she left for her first lesson.

“Little late, aren’t we Ash?” The teacher scorned as she entered the full class, an array of sleep deprived eyes glaring her down.

“Sorry,” she said.

“Sorry won’t always be good enough, you can go first as punishment,” the teacher decided. The other students laughed, a chuckle of mock as Neri placed her books at an empty desk and walked to the front.

“What am I doing?” She asked. The teacher sighed, repeating the same task that she had said moments before.

“We are learning about the earth this term, so demonstrate the spell you should have done as homework.” Crap, Ash thought as she remembered only skimming the page. Breathing in, she let out a calming breath. Stepping towards the desk she saw the tiny bulb perched in the middle of a pot. Smiling, she let tendrils of her magic out, and into the earth.  The bud exploded, thick green stems escaping up into the air. The class gasped as bursts of colour escaped from now thousands of buds, the plant finally slowed to a stop once reaching the ceiling. Ash smugly turned to the teacher, who, shook her head and tutted.

“Misuse of power is not something I encourage,” she scorned.





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