A crooked lord

“Come on guys… you know it was a joke,” Sam said. The guards, ignoring his plea, placed him onto the catapult. He squirmed, hoping the thick rope that crisscrossed around his body would ease, it didn’t.

“Nearly time boys,” the leader said, smiling cruelly at the prisoner.

“I said it was a joke!”  Sam screamed in protest.

“Tell that to them,” the leader said. In response, the crowd cheered. The whole village stood watching the scene, laughing at Sam’s misery.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Sam started, “I shouldn’t have lied about being a lord, I also shouldn’t have screamed at you all until you gave me my food and lodgings for free. I also admit that asking for all your daughters as brides was a bit much -” He was interrupted by the catapult releasing, sending his body flying in the air.





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