The dark abyss loomed before her

The dark abyss loomed before her, a giant hole many had lost their lives to, she took a strained gulp. How far did it go down? She tied one end of the rope around the closest tree. Then, grimacing, she tied the other around her waist. This was it, the dark seemed to call for her, it’s cold song luring her body into its chill. She jumped. Weightless she fell, letting gravity push her further down until –

“Crap!” She screamed, rope twisting around her painfully. Seconds later she was frozen midair, trapped by the ropes hold. She was stuck. There was only one option, to cut herself free. Spinning, she couldn’t see anything in the dark, no floor, no walls… nothing. Fear pinching at her heart, she cut the rope –

“Ow” She screeched. She fell only a foot to land on her bottom, hard floor digging into her skin. Well… it wasn’t that far down after all.



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