All will fear her sugar tantrum

The child leapt through the street, a smile spread across her cheeks, pearly whites flashing. Her tiny white boots echoed ominously, the pitter patter a weirdly terrifying noise. An alarm sounded, the faint noise coming from a golden bell situated at the centre of the village. Murmurs started to appear.

“She is coming!” Screamed a male voice. The girl kept walking, her smile never daunted by the screams of the villagers. With each step doors slammed, curtains shut, windows locked.

“Quickly now,” a mother whispered, pushing her children inside. She could feel the fear from the villagers, it pinched at her heart. Navigating through the crisscrossing streets she found it, the sweet shop. Stepping up to the wooden door, she knocked three times. Silence. She knocked again. A window opened and a burly male head poked out.

“No!” He screamed.

“Why?” She asked sweetly.

Cringing he yelled back, “last time you ate sweets you went on a craze! Destroying half the village and even taking my wife hostage.”

“I don’t remember that,” she replied.

“No? So you don’t remember screaming ‘your wife is mine until you help me create my sugar empire! The world will bow at my sugar power’ at all?”  The girls smile faded, a single tear dripping from her face.

“NO! Don’t cry! I’m coming down you can eat everything!”




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