A wizard’s lack of hospitality

She knocked on the door, silence. She knocked on the door again, screaming emerged from inside the house. Annoyed, she continuously banged on the door until –

“WHAT!” The wizard screamed, flinging the door back with such vigour it smacked him right in the face. Wincing, she stepped inside.

“You invited me for dinner… remember?” She said. The house was in shambles. Piles of paper swayed from any flat surface available, including the floor. Dirty dishes towered next to the sink, which, was filled with a bubbly green substance. She made her way through the maze of paper towers, nearly toppling a few. The wizard, after picking himself off the floor, began running around the house.

“Are you busy?” She asked.

“O-of course not, never too busy for you.” He replied. After finding a half empty chair to perch on, she waited. For almost an hour she watched the wizard run from room to room, rambling about a lost magic he was close to cracking. Finally, she gave up and left.

She yelled over her shoulder before leaving, “lovely to see you again, same time next week I suppose.”



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