At school, you learn of villains long turned to dust

I feel like a fawn deserted by its mother, weak and alone I wonder aimlessly. My legs are barely holding my weight, each step mountains of student debt and questions pushing me down into the dirt. Is the adult world this hard? I wonder why we are never taught the important things in school, the things we actually need in life. Like how to craft a CV, or the correct attire to an interview (the endless dilemma of trousers vs skirts, heels vs flats). Or, perhaps, how to wield language as a tool to appear confident and strong, to potential bosses. Instead of learning what Omnipotent means I would love to have been taught taxes, mortgaging,  is it just me? Am I the only student in the world who wonders why the new generations are still learning the rhyme “divorced, Beheaded, Died: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” about a king whose body has long turned to dust, and not about the current politics of the UK and who stands for what.



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