Singing magic (a mage in training, part 10)

Yes, she had won one battle… but the fight never ended. Ash’s body craved sleep, shoulders shaking with sheer exhaustion she hobbled to her room.  For years she lived in fear of the older mages, their strength and brutality a constant warning to the village girl inside her. That was when she was younger, now, at sixteen, she knew that power only came to those who chased it.  She had to become better, stronger, yet even now she felt weak compared to the others. The air sung, years of practised magic in these halls had created a thick layer of power. Slicing through it, Ash felt strong, her skin soaking up the spilt power from the thousands of mages before her.

“I will become one of the best,” she whispered.

Feel free to peruse the rest of the Athia series




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