A broken mage (a mage in training, part 9)

Getting back to the guild was anything but easy, her legs stung, eyes burned, but with blinding anger to push Ash, she eventually made it. The sun had long ago set, Yue, instead, was rising. Her friends powerful white light a comforting warmth against her back, supporting her as she entered through the elaborate wooden door.  Silence, the staff had turned in, she was alone. Ungracefully she stumbled along, legs refusing to be silent as they moaned across the stone floor. Finally reaching her quatres, she reached for the door handle.

“What do we have here? A stray animal?” Theo’s foot rested against her escape, his weight refusing to let the door open.

“Are you kidding me? I thought I was going to have at least search for you but no, you came to me running.” Smirking, Ash released her magic, with the help of Yue she was at full power. Hand stretched out she threw Theo across the hall, his body flailing in the air.

“You little -” he started, before he was once again stranded mid-air.  Pausing, she decided it was time for Theo to have a taste of his own medicine. She laughed as she spun her magic, remembering the taste of the sea water she let go. He dropped to the floor, however, before his body could connect with the hard stone he disappeared. Back at the beach, a confused and terrified Theo was engulfed by the sea. Ash smiled, she may only be an apprentice mage, but she was still better than the egotistical Theo.


For the previous segment read

Frozen amongst sand 

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