Frozen amongst sand (a mage in training, part 8)

Colours swirled as if floating on water, dancing the bright colours seemed to merge with one another, a washed rainbow. From blossoming pinks to an ocean blue, suddenly, a black filled the space. Tendrils pushing out to the other colours, appearing like veins, it sucked the other colours until the only thing left was the dark. Wait, Ash could make out a tiny purple, dodging the dark blades. She hoped it would make it, but with the darkness swarming, the end for the tiny speck of hope was inevitable.

“You alright?” A kind voice spoke. It’s sound shattering her reality, its sweet tilt a harsh contrast to the world she was trapped in. She tried to wake, but her limbs were stuck, frozen, she could not move. Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled, legs freed she kicked –

“Okay okay! No need for that!” Her eyelids fluttered open, banishing the sleep from her view. Lifting a painful head up, she saw that the weight had been wet sand trapping her legs. Tears threatened to escape as she painfully crawled further up, but, she was a mage, she would not cry. Looking again, her skin had turned a light blue, veins painfully protruding from her skin. She pulled them up, hand gently massaging blood back into their freezing forms. As she massaged, the woman next to her kneeled, elderly form creaking until she was sat on the chilled sand. With a kind smile, she placed a woven scarf around Ash’s neck, the dark red contrasting to her bright white hair.

“Don’t worry little mage, you have made strong friends in this city” The woman spoke, her blue eyes clashing with Ash’s soft brown. Memories of those eyes surfaced and suddenly, the world didn’t seem so dark. Theo could run, but he couldn’t hide. Through her throbbing headache and stabbing legs, Ash managed a weak smile.

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