A battle between two mages (a mage in training, part 7)

The air crackled with power, Theo stepped back in fear. His skin stung as if he was being pricked by thousands of needles, his hair stood on end as if we were taming a wild beast. Ash walked towards him, her body holding a rigid frame, brown eyes turning darker as if an ember burned in the pupil.

“Well, it’s only fair we both go for a swim” she whispered. Twitching her fingers the pier snapped, the wood beneath Theo rotting. His eyes looked down, anger swelling before he fell into the icy depths. Moments passed with silence, Ash waited for her prey to emerge.

“So… this pup knows a few tricks” Theo yelled, his voice broken by gasps of breath as he pulled himself ashore. Only meters apart the two young mages circled one another, Theo soaking wet and gasping, whilst Ash stood tall.

“Your magic is nothing -” Ash started before she was hit on her cheek, fist only slightly missing its mark.  She hadn’t expected him to attack her physically, unprepared, she fell. He lunged, fingers twisting around her neck, pushing her into the once comforting sand. Spots appeared in her vision, Ahs’s mind tried to cling on to reality with little success. Blackness engulfed her.


For more please follow the Athia series



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