The winter air bites only the weak (a mage in training, part 6)

Swallowed, engulfed by water that dragged her down as if she weighed nothing. Her lungs stung, pinching they demanded air, their cries vibrating throughout her form. Ash was frozen, her body slowly sinking, but her mind whirled. Perhaps others feared the sea. It’s powerful currents and waves could kill a human in seconds so Ash couldn’t blame even the strongest warrior being wary of such a beast, however, she loved it. Smiling, she opened her eyes to the dark depths, seaweed wrapping around arms as if to warm her skin. Slicing her hands through the cool water, she gave thanks to the god of the sea and injected her magic into its ripples. Water swirled around her, pushing Ash to the surface, she spun her body and giggled as she flew out of the sea, and into the winter air.

“Damn, I hoped you would have drowned,” Theo said, crouching on the same spot of the pier that she had sat, before her untimely bath. Letting a breeze carry her to the sandy shore, she gently dropped, warming her clothes so she would not fall ill.

“I always knew you were pathetic but this has gone too far, the guild will hear of this,” she screamed, angrily walking from his mocking grin.

“You think the guild will try to punish me? Me? I pay for the robes you wear with pride, how does it feel to know I feed and house you, you’re no better than a pup we took pity on!” God, she was angry. His smirk from the other side of the beach did it, her hairs stood on end as she started to walk towards him, his smile slowly slipping.

“Well, why don’t we see what happens when a pup decides it wants a new master.”

For more please follow the Athia series



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