The insatiable curiosity of a breeze

A gentle breeze
Cuts through the land,
Singing a tune
That is always in demand.
A gentle breeze
Stirs the trees alone,
Singing a tune
Of wanting to be known.
A gentle breeze
Slowly descends down,
Once shy amongst the clouds
It now brazenly​ enters a town.
A gentle breeze
Sings amongst the crowd,
Children applaud as it passes
The breeze is proud.
It has been heard.


8 thoughts on “The insatiable curiosity of a breeze

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  1. Loved the way portrayed your thoughts the medium of a gentle breeze, your writing was in itself a gentle breeze an entity that exhibited the purity of your thoughts & creativity. Thanks for sharing, according to your convenience please do read some of my writings as well, would love to know what you think about them 🙂

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