A hungry ocean (a mage in training, part 5)

No, Ash chided herself, walking away from the steaming food. She didn’t have the money to spend on such delicacies, but, once again, the waft from the stall clouded her rational thoughts. Nearly turning around she slapped herself, she rationalised that there was no reason to buy food when she could gorge herself at the guild, with platters of meats and loaves of freshly baked bread, what more could she want? Well, except for the oily meat that called to her, singing of its mouth-watering flavour –

“No, Ash be sensible!” She screamed, causing a few too many side glances at her crazy self, from the crowd. Pulling her hood up, she walked to the pier. Harmony, that’s what she felt each time she came here. From the sea waves overlapping gently against the wooden pillars to the sway of the vessels that looks more like beasts, it lulled her. Finding her favourite spot, she sat down and let her feet dangle off the side to graze the water gently, she let out a breath.

“What have we here? A lost little girl” Theos voice sang, breaking apart Ash’s temporary haven.

“Have you been following me? God, you’re pathetic” She chided. He answered with a growl, heavy footsteps echoing closer until suddenly, she was weightless. Body floating mid-air, yells could be heard surrounding her form as she fell. The ocean engulfed her, once a water she had craved, now an icy death that weighted her body down. Ash lashed out, itching for survival, but, the current had grasped her cloak, pulling her at its whimsical delight.

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