A mage refuses to kneel (a mage in training, part 3)

Dressing in her mage robes (dark brown trousers and tunic, with an intricate wave design covering the bottom; to show respect to the sea god), she left her room. The walls echoed her each step, no other sounds creeping out from the building. She was alone, everyone had left for the winter. Shivering, her walk turned into a jog, excitement pulling at her pulse as a smile chapping her lips. She thought of what she could do with her free time: perhaps visit the market, the colourful food causing a rumble from her belly, then the library,  maybe the peer if the chill wasn’t too bad. Reaching the end of the corridor, hand grasping the giant handle that led to the outside she heard a snicker, turning she –

“What now?” She screamed, as Theo pushed his body against the door, his form blocking her escape.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He whispered.

“Where ever I damn well please” She responded, pushing at his arm to move.

“Don’t you have work to do?”

“I finished weeks ago, so I can spend my free time wherever I choose!” Crap, she thought, Theo’s face turning into one of cruelty. She must have said the wrong thing.

“Yes, but you haven’t even started mine.” Double crap, she thought. Looking around she saw no staff, there would be no one close enough to hear, let alone help her. But, that also meant there would be no witnesses. Smiling, she pulled strands of magic from the air, weaving them across her body until she was completely invisible. Theo’s smile faded, angrily he started punching the air, his arms flailed where she used to be.  Ducking, she landed a kick to his stomach, he fell to the floor with a grunt. That would teach him.

“I swear, you will wish you had never come here after I am through with you!” He screamed.

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