The ladder from the Underworld

Her hands screamed with pain, each chubby finger had swelled into double it’s original size, with no sign of slowing down. She had once been wearing a fluffy white dress, now, it was a torn bloodied gown. Tangling around her feet, she kicked at its useless form.

“Neri, what on earth are you doing up there?” Death questioned, his tall frame stood at the bottom of the ladder, head tilted up.

“I want to be free, you can’t stop me!” Neri screamed, tears leaking from her eyes. She had heard rumours of a way to escape the Underworld, through climbing the giant ladder behinds Death’s desk. So, after some sneaking, she had managed to crawl her way into his office and start this treacherous journey.

“Free? How will going to my store room make you free?” He yelled. What? Neri thought for a moment, her eyes blurred. Exhaustion pinched at her skin, muscles releasing the grip on the ladder –

“I’ve got you, no reason to cry little one,” cradling his child, he rocked her gently in his arms. After her sniffles subsided, and Death was holding a sleepy baby, he asked himself, how on earth did his six-year-old manage to climb that high?


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