A cranky sun and mocking moon (a mage in training, part 2)

The sun awoke, stifling a yawn it waved to the moon, mocking her enemy as he started to sink from the sky.

“Mock me now sun, soon I shall curse you from this world until only my sharp light remains. I will be adored, I will be worshipped!” He spat, his eyes turning to slits as he fell beneath the hills.

Such a charmer, the sun thought. Stretching her arms, she let out a howl of joy as she leapt into the sky, golden light pouring from her soul.  Sneaking through the curtains, it sliced its way across Ash’s room, bright light itching at her skin to wake.

“FINE! I’m up, happy now?” She screamed, the blanket falling to the floor as she sat up to yell beyond the open curtains. Ash was most certainly not a morning person, her chin length white hair stood upright, stiff peaks pointing towards the wooden ceiling in protest. Brushing a hand through the mess, she spun water across her fingertips to ease the strands into a delicate wave. With the leftover moisture, she massaged her face, the cool droplets easing sleep away.  Yue, the god of sleep, had left sprinklings of gold dust across the bed, it’s substance rare and valuable to the right merchants –

“I swear if you leave your stupid dust on my bed one more time I will eat you in my dreams!” Ash screamed, pulling the sheet off the bed, magic scattering across the room to seep into the floor. She was fuming. For some reason, Yue had taken a liking to her as a child (when she had been alone and prayed for dreams to take her away). Now his little tricks and gifts were just down right annoying.

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