Ashika (a mage in training, part 1)

“Of course you’re still here,” a voice spoke, it’s condescending tone a familiar throbbing to Ashika.

“Go away Theo” she muttered.

“Why? It’s not like you have anyone else who will demean themselves by speaking to you Ash?” Theo leant against the stone wall, his blonde hair sticking to his skin as he snarled at her. She pondered why his hair always looked like a matted mane, perhaps he thought himself too good to bathe?

“Well, if it is too demeaning to speak to me, why don’t you do us both a favour and disappear?” Ash spat, waving her hands as if to shoo the cocky mage away. Snarling, Theo pushed forward, his body pinning her to the wall.

“You need to understand something… little girl. Your parents hold no power, you are just some cheap village runt the guild took pity on.” His warm breath slathered her skin as if his hate had begun to stick to her. She squinted with pain as his chest pushed her body further against the rugged wall. Leaning in, his lips brushed her ears as he whispered: “be careful, you wouldn’t want to end up as a broken shell. After all, it’s not unusual for young mages to… fail.”

“Go to hell!” She yelled. Pulling her hands-free, she pushed at his muscular form, wind spurting from her hands to slam Theo across the corridor. Smirking, he held his hands up as if to calm a feral dog.

“It was just a warning, pup.” With a last knowing smile that would haunt her dreams, he sauntered off. She couldn’t describe in words, let alone measure how much she hated that uptight boy. A while later, after calming her heart, she began the route to her room. The halls were silent, many had gone home to their families for the winter period. Ash was not one of them. She had few memories of her childhood, being abandoned by her parents destroyed her sense of family a long time ago. How was it her fault that she set the house on fire? She had only been a naive five years old for goodness sake!



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