A student witch vs the exam

The clocks ticking filled the space, harmonising with the grinding minds of the students. Come on, just this once work, she prayed. Surveying the room the other students were halfway done, each desk filled with different elements trapped in elaborate cages. One boy with scruffy blonde hair wiped the sweat of his brow, fire raging out of control on his table. She knew he had made a grave mistake, by using a wooden box to contain it, but she had no time to help him under her own circumstances. Looking down, she watched the mini tornado spin across her desk (as if mocking her hands by sliding around them each time she tried to catch her creation). Huffing, she started to get angry.

“That’s it!” She yelled, her voice silencing the rest of the room. Weaving an intricate glass dome from the air, she held it high above her head.  With a roar of encouragement from the other students, she threw it down onto the table, the tornado finally trapped in it’s gleaming shell.




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