A wizards quick wit

He was dirt poor. Of course, the world couldn’t know this (wizards had to ooze a sense of authority and power). So, he held his head high walking through the market, the gazes of the townspeople marking his route. Damn, he forgot. This wasn’t a city, these people had probably never seen a wizard before, this would make his task even harder. Cursing, he held their stares as he paused at a stall, delicious scents wafting to his nose. A gargled cry answered from his belly… it was time.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The stall owner spoke, his keen eyes following the wizards mischievous hands.

“Excuse me?”

“You think cause you’re a wizard we’re afraid of you? We don’t tolerate theft in our town” he accused. Crap, only one thing for it, the wizard thought. Hand releasing the bread into his pocket, he held an empty palm towards the man. Flicking his wrist, coils of black smoke exploded forth. The market was drowned in darkness, and with it, the wizard made his escape.




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