A king refuses to die

His reign was absolute. Laughing, the king watched his subjects, he held trust in their abilities. His kingdom would last forever.

“Nice view from here huh?”

Spinning, the King fell, his body landing on the floor with a thump. “Who was that, how did you get up here!” He yelled.

“There is no need to scream,” a tired Death replied. His dark cloak gently swaying with the breeze from the open window, he watched the King grumpily stand back up.

“What are you doing here?” The King questioned, fear tilting his voice.

“Well, I would have thought the answer was obvious” Death envied the king, he held his subjects love and loyalty, no one stepped out of place under such a firm rule. Yet, all his people ever did was test his patience, he should learn from this king how to –

“No! I will not die!” The king refused, his voice holding strong.

“Your preference is mute, you’re already dead, now let me” –


“You fell from this open window.”

“But – but if I fell, why am I not on the ground?”

“It’s just such a wonderful view up here, I though you would prefer to leave after looking over your kingdom once more.” Death smiled, he always felt good after doing a good deed for someone who truly deserved it, someone respectable and competent –

“NO! You will not take me” the king screamed, his face forming into a rather gruesome image. Body against the open window he threw himself out, his scream catching on the wind for his subjects to hear. What a wonderful king Death thought as he pulled his scythe out. Even in his last moments, he thought of his people, gifting his last scream for his subjects ears.

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