Death was tired of work

Time was a funny thing, Death concluded. Easing his way through the crowded street, the cobbled roads echoing his every step, he thought of the humans he passed. Perhaps he envied them? In bubbles of ignorant bliss, they followed only their basic instincts, oblivious to the world around them.  He could if he wanted to, join them. But, he had more integrity than that, he refused to let jealousy flood his mind. Instead, he carried on his robotic walking. He wished he too could frolick in the sun, bask in the mortals delight, fall in – no, shaking his head, he left that train of thought. Few could do such a difficult job as caring for the dead, he was one in a million.

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Just Die… please? 

Please die, my dearest loving husband

Caught by Death

Death at the door




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