The wind stole her song

Meaningless, that’s how she felt. Eyes drifting across the vast valley she let out a deep breath. She wanted more, so much more. The wind drifted through the trees, its echoing howl a comforting voice to Ely’s ears. Smiling, she answered the winds call with her own. Her voice bounded across the hill to meet the breeze, their songs merging to become one. Moments past, she almost lost hope until –

“You wish to join?” The breeze replied. It’s soft voice soothing Ely’s broken heart.

“Yes!” There was no time for doubt or fear, she just wanted to let go of this world and move to another. Feeling the winds answering embrace, she accepted it. A warm hold firmly took her body, stealing her breath and song. After only a second Ely was gone, her soul now entwined with the singing breeze.



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