Worked to death

The desk trembles as the hours go by, its occupier perched for hours typing with ease. Her hair was neatly tied back, and her worn eyes were crinkled with stress and lack of sleep. She looked tired. The chair groaned with annoyance at her constant weight, not even once allowing it a break. Work done, her drooping eyes finally lifted from the luminous screen to survey the rest of the office. All gone, turning her head slightly she exclaimed at the time and rushed to pack her few belongings. Night had snuck into the room, its shadowed darkness perpetrating though lazily shut blinds.

Music. A faint echo bouncing across the desks. Believing her ears had misheard, she carried on her packing until – again. Turning quickly her eyes sprung open at a very unusual sight. The office sparkled, luminous pigments dancing on swirling air currents. High tilted music lapped in the air, such a beautiful tune persuading her dance. She looked back. Behind her stood the darkening light, a dreary set of dusty desks and years of her wasted life. In front, a beckoning sound lifting her heart and soul. It was easy. She stepped into the light.



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