A mischievous child vs the tantalisy jelly

A smooth white plate had been placed on a wooden table. It’s curved smooth edges coloured with intricate yellow swirls; emphasising its expansive surface. At its circular centre sprouted a large, jiggling object, it’s ruby red jello glistening in the light. It started to sing, whistling of its sweet taste and melting texture. She could hear it, feet echoing with each step she plodded towards the treat swaying slightly. Getting closer her tiny body reflected back at her through the jelly. Pudgy cheeks stretched with a childish smile and giant eyes lighting with greed, the treat was hers. Small hands came forward, fingertips breaching the smooth cold texture –

“Ely what do you think you’re doing!” She ran, giggling as she licked the delicious goo off her fingers. Vowing next time to be victorious in stealing the sugary treat.



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