Being bullied for the way I speak

Only recently has the apparent abnormality of my speech been presented to me. Of course, this has been pointed out not to ridicule, mock, or upset me. It’s out of love,  in jest,  just a bit of teasing. Unfortunately, when someone, no matter who this someone is, says that you speak funny it just kind of… hurts. You’d think my parents would have noticed at a young age, or perhaps a kind hearted teacher would have brought it up, preferably in their office away from giggling eyes. Unfortunately, no, that wasn’t the case. The first I heard of this abnormality was from some pretentious, over friendly girl wanting to one up me. Or, perhaps she was trying to push me down into a ball of self-loathing? People like power, in this new world of technology where your self-worth is determined by the number of likes your Instagram has, it’s no wonder people become drugged on its euphoria. They become lost, start kicking other to make a ladder to escape, the steps are of those deemed lesser. I can not say ”

I can not say “th”. This isn’t all the time, of course, I say  “the” fine, but saying “three” is just painful. It’s okay though, nobody likes the number three anyway, right?

My “r” is also terrible. So names like Ryan sound like Wyan, making me the butt of many a cruel joke in school. Perhaps, instead of thinking that these traits make me sound hilarious and lower class, I should see it as personalised speech. Individualising me from the rest, even if I don’t have control of it. What makes us different makes us unique. Easy to say, hard to truly feel.



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