Foundation doesn’t work on the dead… perhaps blusher?

The golden mirror enchanted Ely, she could feel its smooth surface turn to a rough, spiralled edge. Moving her hands across it, she held her eyes tightly shut and prayed that her magic still worked in this foreign land. Her father had once teased that her skin was paler than his, her silver eyes stronger and that perhaps she, instead, should rule the dead. Magic swirled around her body, pinching her skin and pulling at her hair. Eyes squinting she looked at herself. Firstly, she glittered. Cursing, she shook off the remaining iridescent shards of magic that tingled her skin. Secondly, it had worked. Her hair now a lighter chocolate brown colour, that unlike its original coal black, would not be unusual or startling. Skin once an acrylic white, now shone with a pink tint that almost made her look human. At least she believed until she looked at her eyes, cursing a line rudely inappropriate words that would have let to disapproval tutting from her dad. Her eyes still shone silver. Pushing everything she had into her eyes she begged, begged any god or deity for help as magic stabbed her eyes repeatedly until she could take no more. Squinting again her eyes were still silver but held no shine or soul stealing qualities like before. It would have to do.

Glittering magic


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