An introverts advice

Translating thoughts into words can be hard. For most, talking is an easy and enjoyable experience. But for someone whose thoughts flutter to the clouds. It can be… challenging. Without meaning to you’ve leant against the table, eyes unfocused and mind drifting far away. Only to be jolted back by an unsubtle cough and the rest of the table’s occupiers staring blatantly at you. Or perhaps, on a night out after a few too many drinks, you’ve managed to sneak away from your friends to huddle in a corner. Questioning reality and the looming knowledge of death, the rest of your night spent with fixed smiles and repeated dance moves as you crawl further into your mind. Ways I have learnt to cope with my disregard for chit chat and my minds need for escape…

  1. When you feel your mind slipping, focus with small movements. For example, sat down if I feel myself wanting to leave I do tricks with my pen to keep my mind centred on reality. Small fidgeting helps ground my mind.
  2. Snacking. This seems really stupid, but sometimes eating can help me centre myself into the present. Also, it keeps me from getting grumpy or short-tempered (win for everyone).
  3. Know that it’s okay. Not everyone is the same, just because I sometimes (okay all the tine) want to be alone, snuggled in a warm blanket with only tea and my thoughts does not make me weird or lonely. It makes me cope with the world. Make time to breath and let your mind seek refuge, and never feel guilty about it.

The hard reality of translating my mind.


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